Sunday, February 22, 2015

Until We Meet Again

A brief encounter but for better or worse I learn something.

Few months ago I discovered Zeega when several people from  Connected Courses mentioned it, played with it and raved about it. I love trying new tools but I have to say when I went to the site the first time I didn't get it. May be I should have just sent a tweet asking them what they liked about it, but I didn't. Why I didn't I can't even remember any more. I can guess but most of it is not really important anymore either, at least not for this post. I decided to register an account with the site, bookmark it and explore it when I had more time, not because I liked it but because I was so curious to know what the others liked so much about it. 

Few days ago I saw this tweet from +Kevin Hodgson

I opened my email and found a message from Zeega team letting me know that the tool was going to disappear soon. I wasn't attached to the tool but I wanted a chance to meet before saying goodbye.

So here is my first ever Zeega.

Until We Meet Again Saying Hi and So Long Zeega. It was nice to meet you.
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by Maha Abdelmoneim

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