Sunday, February 22, 2015

Until We Meet Again

A brief encounter but for better or worse I learn something.

Few months ago I discovered Zeega when several people from  Connected Courses mentioned it, played with it and raved about it. I love trying new tools but I have to say when I went to the site the first time I didn't get it. May be I should have just sent a tweet asking them what they liked about it, but I didn't. Why I didn't I can't even remember any more. I can guess but most of it is not really important anymore either, at least not for this post. I decided to register an account with the site, bookmark it and explore it when I had more time, not because I liked it but because I was so curious to know what the others liked so much about it. 

Few days ago I saw this tweet from +Kevin Hodgson

I opened my email and found a message from Zeega team letting me know that the tool was going to disappear soon. I wasn't attached to the tool but I wanted a chance to meet before saying goodbye.

So here is my first ever Zeega.

Until We Meet Again Saying Hi and So Long Zeega. It was nice to meet you.
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by Maha Abdelmoneim

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Connected Barbie - A Page from Barbie's Book

I usually don't jump on opportunities to write. I don't yet (using 'yet' to keep the door to the possibility for a change open  :) ) enjoy writing. Well any way, I was saying that in spite of this fact I found myself drawn to this Daily Connect  and to Hack Barbie, may be because it's a conversation. Who knows, when it comes to writing or not writing I am still trying to figure out how my brain works.  :)

Ok so after seeing Kevin Hodgson's DailyConnect tweet I visited the Feminist Hacker Barbie Site, selected one of the pictures that fit with the conversation that was partially forming in my head and started writing. I couldn't finish it in one go, I mean "didn't finish it. Couldn't is not accurate". Oh my God, I am already editing this, supposedly, simple post lol. I'll just fast forward in my head or jump to the end skipping whatever else is there on the way, so here is the conversation that I heard Barbie having with her teacher (I gave her a name, Valerie) :)

One more thing, I don't think that there's a problem with Barbie needing her friends to help her. She doesn't have to be coder to be an amazingly intelligent girl who can do wonderful things. The problem is that the ones she's calling to help her code are all boys. If we could hack the pictures I would've changed one of her friends into a girl and that would've been it for me.

Here's the full conversation (not sure how the site works so I will keep a copy here just in case):

 Ms. Valerie, Barbie's teacher looks at Barbie's laptop and with a big smile on her face says 
Ms. Valerie: "Barbie, this wonderful! You've not only managed to fix the laptop but also to find a delightfully interesting way to solve the homework game design problem. You're a star and deserve special credit for what you've accomplished.

Barbie: Thank you Ms. Valerie. I was able to do it because of all the people that I connect with everyday. My friends and I had a chat and listening to them gave me some clues, my sister inspired me when I listened to her talking about her favorite game, wanting to surprise her and my mom and dad too,  and you Ms. Valerie, your encouragement and confidence give me courage to explore and experiment.

Ms. Valerie: I am so happy to hear how you discovered the wonderful ways of connecting for the good of all. I wonder what you want to be

With a mischievous grin on her face Barbie says: hmmm I think I am going to connect several things and be something new. computer Engineer + Psychologist + my  hobby to create games hahaha. I have plans to connect them together and make them even much more useful. 

Ms. Valerie: What a great idea Barbie. Have you thought about how and when you want to start working on your plan?

Barbie: Yes Ms Valerie I have plans to start connecting with people from all those disciplines right away, but Ms. Valerie, how about I add teaching to the mix? ( tilting her head to one side and playfully giving her teacher a challenging look)

Ms. Valerie: (laughing) ok Barbie I am in. I will be your first teaching connection.