Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rhizo what?! My First look at Rhizomatic Learning - Warning: raw thoughts, messiness ahead! -1

I don't really enjoy writing (yet). But as I keep repeating, what I learn is not dependent on what I write for others to read. A way to help my self prepare for writing is put my raw thoughts in a private or a draft blog, leave it, come back and look at it, tweak it, add more, leave it, come back, organize it a bit, leave it etc.  until it looks like something that someone can read and understand. Takes time and it is hmm stressful(?).

Yesterday it occurred to me that in F2F learning I never wait for my thoughts to become perfectly organized and neat before I share them, I do a lot of thinking aloud, so why not do the same in writing? Would be interesting to see how it works.

How will it work? No idea yet. May be update this blog by commenting on it myself or , hmmm ok I put a number 1 in the heading let's see if I continue my thoughts and number the following headings 2, 3, 4 (ambitious) :). again we(I) will see.

Back ground
(may be put it in the about me??)

First reactions
What is rhizomatic learning:  Dave Cormier's video based on presentation he gave in India (find the video again and add it. I should've diigo'd it)
Rhizomes : networks are not all as simple or seemingly neat as they are depicted. Rhizomes' network if depicted/represented may look as organized or neat (ask a specialist). Dave mentions one kind of rhizomes that is harmful or a pest to garden. When he talks about his children and how they learn what is he looking for? Does he want Rhizomeatic learning to replace the existing way of learning? Rhizomatic to me may describe a way of learning which means it is the behavior of the Rhizome not the rhizome itself that we are looking at. Or are we looking at the thoughts being the rhizome?

Have we decided that rhizomatic learning is good? How?
Is it better than neat planned learning through studying?
Is it an another case of either or, so that we prefer to have rhizomatic learning?

Where does Rhizomatic fit? When things are uncertain? How did we decide that? how is that different than the existing

Education? Teaching, Studying, Learning. Differences? which one does the Rhizomatic fit in.
What do we mean by LEARNing in Rhizomatic learning and in general? K S A (I still find this very useful)?

I know I am Always Learning in so many ways. Planned, spontaneous, targeted, untargeted, studying, communicating, playing  so isn't that rhizomatic?
I keep remembering  Code yourself course that I've just recently finished. So may be it works like

Forever { check around you (until completely uninteresting or fully known go explore (if energizing and useful go learn))} hmmm I wonder if I can create a representation of this in scratch. :) Idea: will get my niece (11) in on it and create something (she likes to draw so would be interesting to see what she comes up with for learning and the different elements).

Subjectives vs objectives? Why vs? Aren't Subjectives always there even if not spelled out in writing or sometimes without even being spoken of? Some of my Subjectives are to trigger curiosity and a sense of wonder, self reflection, aha moments, surprise, need to find out/learn more, fun, enjoyment, excitement, a moment of Yesss .